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  • François, Montréal, QC
    Julie is incredibly detail oriented in her approach to nutrition.  She is very attentive to our needs and concerns and is able to elegantly create a plan which supports every element of one’s life.
    François, Montréal, QC
  • Erin, London, ON
    Life with two young boys and a busy schedule can be pretty hectic. We felt drained and realized that instead of fuelling our bodies we were just filling them with convenience food. We were so busy that the thought of sitting down and making an entire meal plan for the family was a bit overwhelming. This is when we reached out to Julie, she was phenomenal! She is very knowledgeable and was conscious of our family situation i.e. no time. She managed to put together a nutrition plan for us that saved us both time and money. The variety of the meals made it so that we didn’t get sick of anything and the prep time required to put it all together was minimal. She provided us with several options for our picky eaters and was there every step of the way with feedback and encouragement. It really felt as though I’d known her my entire life! Most of her recipes consisted of food that we already had in the house so it was nice that we didn’t have to do an entire overhaul of our pantry.  We can’t thank her enough for helping us turn around our eating style and improve our health. Thanks again!
    Erin, London, ON

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